Endeavor Time Lapse

Hey everyone!  It’s been a bit of a lazy weekend - I’ve mostly been doing schoolwork.  I had some success with JHUACM cluster stuff that I haven’t written up yet (its fun!  I rewrote the spec file for building RPMs of a proprietary driver!).  However, I’ve come across a cool video to share.

Time Lapse: Endeavor’s Trip Through LA

In case you missed it, the space shuttle Endeavor recently moved off to it’s new home in the California Science Center.  The LA Times’ Brian Chan put together a time-lapse video of the move.  For your convenience, its embedded below:

What struck me most about this video is the meticulous amount of planning that must have gone into this move.  Everything from the devices the shuttle is resting on to having precisely measured the streets and the trees and making sure that there would be space.  Throughout this time lapse the shuttle’s movements look choreographed, perfectly planned for this route.  They even managed …

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VoL - Voice over Light (link)

Not much to say today - I’m busy working on a project for class (Its fun!  Timers and sockets and protocols! (Oh my!)).  However, a friend of mine posted a link on G+ I thought was really cool and wanted to share.

So without further ado: Throwing one’s voice 95 miles on a lightbeam - from KA7OEI.

As a techie and ham myself, I think this is really cool.  It gets you into all sorts of things you don’t usually have to think about - earth’s geometry, atmospheric attenuation of light, and data encodings, to name a few.  I don’t actually know anything about the technology involved, but I thought this would be worth sharing just for the wow factor.

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