Category list

  • 3D Printing 5 entries

    Anything related to 3D printing

  • ACM 20 entries

    All Things related to systems and lab administration at the JHU ACM

  • ACM Cluster 18 entries

    All posts related to cluster design, building and maintenance at the ACM.

  • Cyberlaw 1 entry

    articles that relate to the intersection between law and technology

  • Cybersecurity 1 entry
  • Links 2 entries

    Links to things from around the internet that I've found interesting, fascinating or otherwise noteworthy.

  • Presentations 1 entry

    A collection of various presentations I've given.

  • Projects 4 entries

    Posts about projects I've undertaken - typically self-designed or otherwise unique projects.

  • Shrubbery 1 entry

    Posts about the Shrubbery, a small Baseboard Management Controller-like device. I designed this device from scratch.

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