"A New Hope" Resources and Q&A

This page contains resources related to my July 22nd, 2022 talk officially called “hCaptcha: Profits over People and Fscking Useless ”. Due to new information I got after the deadline for changes, the talk I actually gave I titled “Is the CAPTCHA dead?”.

Each section of this page begins with a level 2 header.

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Download the slides as Open Office ODP or PowerPoint PPTX. These include speaker’s notes with approximately what I’ll say, transcripts and descriptions of the videos, and descriptions of all images used in the talk.

External Resources on Accessibility Technology and Software Accessibility

Want to learn more about accessibility technology? These pages are organized approximately from least to most technical. I’ve tried to focus on resources by people with disabilities, or at least recommended by them.

There are many excellent resources out there. If I’ve missed a good one, please let me know, either by email or via the contact form.


All the code for the vulnerability can be found on my GitHub account.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions, Comments, Other Things?

Do you have questions, comments, or other things you would like to discuss with me? If so, please email .